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This site is an archive of the active years of Ol' Yeller, of Minneapolis MN. 2000-2007



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Ol' Yeller Nuzzle Country Penance Sounder Good Luck LEVELS

self-titled / nuzzle / "country" / penance / sounder / good luck / LEVELS

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Nuzzle Penance Sounder Good Luck LEVELS

note: "country" is free to download, click the MP3 link at the Blue Rose Records site

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"If you’re into rock ‘n’ roll and you have yet to discover one of the best tunesmiths in Minnesota history, there’s no reason you can’t start here." --Duluth News Tribune 11/22/12

"Like summertime lakes and sleepy hometowns, Ol' Yeller is something you don't realize how much you missed until you soak up its comfort once again." -VitaMN 12/5/12

"Ol' Yeller is as authentic as a wet, crumpled dollar next to a whiskey sour and Rich Mattson is Minnesota's cross between John Fogerty, Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer." --City Pages, "Gimme Noise" 12/7/12

"It’s nice to see that Ol’ Yeller are still defiantly kicking ass in that way that people used to, sounding like a damn great live rock and roll band cranking up terrific songs in some dark, smoke-filled studio somewhere in the Iron Range that smells a little bit of old beer and a little bit of man-sweat. And believe me, that’s no bad thing - that’s the way it should be done." --Jon Hunt, L'etoile Magazine 11/28/12

"..it's awesome to hear that not only are Ol' Yeller reuniting..but they're also in the midst of recording a new album." ..Andrea Swensson, The Current blog "Friday 5"

MN Music Awards "Rock Recording of the Year" 2006: 'Good Luck' by Ol' Yeller

MN Music Awards "Rock Artist/Group of the Year" 2006: Ol' Yeller

"What’s not to like?" --Americana-UK 7/25/06

"..if this band doesn't make it big, I'm gonna kick some motherfucking honky record company radio programming executive fat fucked-up ass. --New York Press 7/19/01-Vol.14, Iss. 17

"..quality Americana for anyone who likes a glass of wine with their meat and potatoes." --No Depression Sept-Oct 2001

Best Songwriter-Rich Mattson CITY PAGES
Best of the Twin Cities May 2, 2001

"There really isn't a bad track on this record.." --Rift Magazine

"Minneapolis quartet Ol' Yeller is the latest in a long line of worthy roots-rock acts from the Twin Cities." --Time Out New York
April 12-19, 2001

"One of [their] best cd's yet.." --Star Tribune 6/9/06

"Perfect pop.."--Minneapolis City Pages, 6/7/06

"..a reliable source of rootsy rock that goes down well with a Grain Belt." - The Onion 6/8/06

"Ol' Yeller 's Rich Mattson is one of my favorite singer-songwriters in town.."--Chris Reimenschneider, Minneapolis Star Tribune, September 3, 2004

"..another picture-perfect snapshot of a place, a time and an era.."--Pulse of the Twin Cities 5/31/06

Although we've come to expect a lot from Rich Mattson throughout the years, he is not one to let down. --Ripsaw News, 3/20/2002

Awarded best ROCK GROUP and best ROCK ALBUM (Good Luck) by the Minnesota Music Academy, 2006



"our finest singer...unpretentious...makes Fogerty look like a poseur.."

-from City Pages - "sounder " review


--Patrick Stewart, actor (actual quote, referring to Ol' Yeller's first album)